Heavy duty metal nozzles
  • Leak free water sprayer Heavy-Duty Rear Trigger 6-Pattern Metal Nozzle
    This nozzle has six spray patterns for a variety of watering purposes.The mist and shower patterns are newly designed for high water pressure and softer mist spray flow.
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  • Watering sprayer metal nozzle Heavy-Duty Front Trigger 6-Pattern Metal Nozzle
    This 3-ways metal nozzle can be adjusted from soft mist spray for garden watering to powerful stream jet for cleaning away debris on driveway.It is constructed out of metal for offering many years uses in any harsh environment condition.
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  • Premium irrigation sprayer Heavy-Duty Front Trigger 6-Pattern Metal Nozzle
    This nozzle offers 8 selections in spray patterns.It provides soft gentle shower-like spray for watering garden plants to powerful jet stream for cleaning away debris and rocks.The body of the nozzle is well constructed by metal for durable purpose.
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  • Deluxe water sprayer 8-Pattern Hose Nozzle with Flow Control Knob
    This nozzle offers 8 different function spray,you can always find the right one for your tasks.From gentle mist spray for heavy strong jet stream.The ergonomic hand grip get your work done with ease without hand fatigue.
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  • Premium deluxe fire nozzle High Powerful Pressure Fireman Hose Nozzle
    This Fireman nozzle offers powerful water flow perfect for cleaning car and driveway,also a gentle spray shower for gardens.The rubber-like head made for easy adjust different pattern.
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  • Adjustable trigger nozzle sprayer Classic Zinc Nozzle with plastic trigger
    This pistol is made of zinc and the rear handle controls water flow and shut-off.It also has a lock-on clip for constant spraying.The handle provides a quick adjustment to water pressure without going back to the faucet.
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