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How to make a better garden
Knowing when and how to water a lawn in the right way is crucial to the overall health of your lawn.The frequency and the amount of water we apply to grass vary depends on soil types,weather condition,types of grass,time of year and so on.Proper watering is critical to having the best-looking lawn on the block.Here are some key tips:

How often to water: Water deeply 2-3 times per week,rather than daily.Watering daily will give our grass a shallow root system.Shallow root systems dry out fast and weaken your turf.Watering deeply 3 times per week will give our grass a deep root system,making it stronger and more drought-resistant.

How long to water: The answer may vary depends on the water pressure and what kind of sprinkler you use. With normal water pressure and standard water sprinkler,it usually takes 1 hour to complete lawn watering.However,we can measure how much water we apply by using empty tuna cans. Get empty tuna cans and place them where the sprinklers are setting.Run sprinkler and see how long it takes to fill half amount of water in can (half inch).It should be 30 mins.

When to water: Water as early in the morning as possible.Watering early in the morning will ensure that the lawn dries completely before sunset.A wet lawn at night,on a regular basis,can lead to fungus and disease problems.Also,it’s cooler and less windy in the morning,so it has less evaporation,which will save money on our water bill and take less time to get the water on the lawn.If morning watering is impossible,watering at any time is always better than not watering at all!

Avoid overwatering: Overwatering does more than deplete the water supply, it also makes plants prone to pests and adds to stormwater runoff, which pollutes our water system. By choosing and operating a watering system correctly, you can reduce water bills, insect and disease problems and maintenance requirements. 

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