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The G20 Summit About The Climate Change Across The World
  • 20 Oct 2016
The G20 Summit About The Climate Change Across The World
With the G20 summit ended last week,one of the most important topics brought and discussed in the meeting was the climate change across the world.The causes of the climate change come from different factors;the primary cause is the burning of fossil fuels,such as oil and coal,which emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.But the outcomes are not always as predicted.Rising sea level due to global warming,stronger and more frequent storms,additional and uneven distribution of rainfall lead to flooding or drought to name some.
Some households have been the victims of the disaster such as California drought.Residents in California have been restricted from using unnecessary water for outdoor uses such as washing cars or watering.Therefore,it is wise to use water effectively for watering yards.With our new heavy duty metal made nozzle,more water sprays out with precise amount than other ones.In order to save water from unnecessary waste,the water pressure control knob is there to modify the water flow for specific kinds of plants.To serve our customers on the basis of daily needs,the soaker hose is also an excellent innovatively hose for saving water up to 70%.It can be constructed in smaller diameter for slower soaking rate,roughly 1/2-1 gallon an hour.It lays flat on ground and coil easily;kink free for damage resistant and tangle free for adding many years of durable uses.Last but not the least,our 15-21 holes oscillating sprinkler is an ideal watering equipment for saving water as well.The water flow control can be adjusted and the additional 6 holes can be switch off depend on the watering tasks.One of our commitments is to strive for providing our customers with top quality products that fit their needs.We have been doing this,as this is our belief and will always be for our clients.
Together with you,we can reduce the emission of green house gas by contributing our little efforts.We strongly believe if every person are aware of the situation and make little contribution to it,climate change is not a thorny problem at all.

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